Tivoli Tam http-header ?????????


TCP/IP协议端口一栏表GoSH portlist compiled by Julian Assange-proff@suburbuia.netPlease send any additions/clarifications to strobe@suburbia.netreserved 0/tcp Reserved[JBP]reserved 0/udp Reserved[JBP]tcpmux 1/tcp TCP Port Service Multiplexer[MKL]tcpmux 1/udp TCP Port Service Multiplexer[MKL]compressnet 2/tcp Management Utility[BV15]compressnet 2/udp Management Utility[BV15]compressnet 3/tcp Compression Process[BV15]compressnet 3/udp Compression Process[BV15]rje 5/tcp Remote Job Entry[12,JBP]rje 5/udp Remote Job Entry[12,JBP]echo 7/tcp Echo[95,JBP]echo 7/udp Echo[95,JBP]discard 9/tcp Discard[94,JBP]discard 9/udp Discard[94,JBP]systat 11/tcp Active Users[89,JBP]systat 11/udp Active Users[89,JBP]daytime 13/tcp Daytime[93,JBP]daytime 13/udp Daytime[93,JBP]netstat 15/tcp Netstatqotd 17/tcp Quote of the Day[100,JBP]qotd 17/udp Quote of the Day[100,JBP]msp 18/tcp Message Send Protocol[RXN]msp 18/udp Message Send Protocol[RXN]chargen 19/tcp ttytst source Character Generatorchargen 19/udp ttytst source Character Generatorftp-data 20/tcp File Transfer[Default Data][96,JBP]ftp-data 20/udp File Transfer[Default Data][96,JBP]ftp 21/tcp File Transfer[Control][96,JBP]ftp 21/udp File Transfer[Control][96,JBP]ssh 22/tcp Secure Shell-RSA encrypted rshtelnet 23/tcp Telnet[112,JBP]telnet 23/udp Telnet[112,JBP]priv-mail 24/tcp any private mail system[RA11]priv-mail 24/udp any private mail system[RA11]smtp 25/tcp Simple Mail Transfer[102,JBP]smtp 25/udp Simple Mail Transfer[102,JBP]nsw-fe 27/tcp NSW User System FE[24,RHT]nsw-fe 27/udp NSW User System FE[24,RHT]msg-icp 29/tcp MSG ICP[85,RHT]msg-icp 29/udp MSG ICP[85,RHT]msg-auth 31/tcp MSG Authentication[85,RHT]msg-auth 31/udp MSG Authentication[85,RHT]dsp 33/tcp Display Support Protocol[EXC]dsp 33/udp Display Support Protocol[EXC]priv-print 35/tcp any private printer server[JBP]priv-print 35/udp any private printer server[JBP]time 37/tcp Time[108,JBP]time 37/udp Time[108,JBP]rap 38/tcp Route Access Protocolrap 38/udp Route Access Protocolrlp 39/tcp resource Resource Location Protocolrlp 39/udp resource Resource Location Protocolgraphics 41/tcp Graphics[129,JBP]graphics 41/udp Graphics[129,JBP]nameserver 42/tcp Host Name Server[99,JBP]nameserver 42/udp Host Name Server[99,JBP]nicname 43/tcp Who Is[55,ANM2]nicname 43/udp Who Is[55,ANM2]mpm-flags 44/tcp MPM FLAGS Protocol[JBP]mpm-flags 44/udp MPM FLAGS Protocol[JBP]mpm 45/tcp Message Processing Module[recv][98,JBP]mpm 45/udp Message Processing Module[recv][98,JBP]mpm-snd 46/tcp MPM[default send][98,JBP]mpm-snd 46/udp MPM[default send][98,JBP]ni-ftp 47/tcp NI FTP[134,SK8]ni-ftp 47/udp NI FTP[134,SK8]auditd 48/tcp Digital Audit Daemonauditd 48/udp Digital Audit Daemonlogin 49/tcp Login Host Protocol[PHD1]login 49/udp Login Host Protocol[PHD1]re-mail-ck 50/tcp Remote Mail Checking Protocol[171,SXD1]re-mail-ck 50/udp Remote Mail Checking Protocol[171,SXD1]la-maint 51/tcp IMP Logical Address Maintenance[76,AGM]la-maint 51/udp IMP Logical Address Maintenance[76,AGM]xns-time 52/tcp XNS Time Protocol[SXA]xns-time 52/udp XNS Time Protocol[SXA]domain 53/tcp Domain Name Server[81,95,PM1]domain 53/udp Domain Name Server[81,95,PM1]xns-ch 54/tcp XNS Clearinghouse[SXA]xns-ch 54/udp XNS Clearinghouse[SXA]isi-gl 55/tcp ISI Graphics Language[7,RB9]isi-gl 55/udp ISI Graphics Language[7,RB9]xns-auth 56/tcp XNS Authentication[SXA]xns-auth 56/udp XNS Authentication[SXA]mtp 57/tcp deprecatedpriv-term 57/tcp any private terminal access[JBP]priv-term 57/udp any private terminal access[JBP]xns-mail 58/tcp XNS Mail[SXA]xns-mail 58/udp XNS Mail[SXA]priv-file 59/tcp any private file service[JBP]priv-file 59/udp any private file service[JBP]ni-mail 61/tcp NI MAIL[5,SK8]ni-mail 61/udp NI MAIL[5,SK8]acas 62/tcp ACA Services[EXW]acas 62/udp ACA Services[EXW]via-ftp 63/tcp VIA Systems-FTP[DXD]via-ftp 63/udp VIA Systems-FTP[DXD]whois+63/tcpwhois+63/udpcovia 64/tcp Communications Integrator(CI)[TXD]covia 64/udp Communications Integrator(CI)[TXD]tacacs-ds 65/tcp TACACS-Database Service[3,KH43]tacacs-ds 65/udp TACACS-Database Service[3,KH43]sql*net 66/tcp Oracle SQL*NET [JFH2]sql*net 66/udp Oracle SQL*NET [JFH2]bootps 67/tcp Bootstrap Protocol Server[36,WJC2]bootps 67/udp Bootstrap Protocol Server[36,WJC2]bootpc 68/tcp Bootstrap Protocol Client[36,WJC2]bootpc 68/udp Bootstrap Protocol Client[36,WJC2]tftp 69/tcp Trivial File Transfer[126,DDC1]tftp 69/udp Trivial File Transfer[126,DDC1]gopher 70/tcp Gopher[MXC1]gopher 70/udp Gopher[MXC1]netrjs-1 71/tcp Remote Job Service[10,RTB3]netrjs-1 71/udp Remote Job Service[10,RTB3]netrjs-2 72/tcp Remote Job Service[10,RTB3]netrjs-2 72/udp Remote Job Service[10,RTB3]netrjs-3 73/tcp Remote Job Service[10,RTB3]netrjs-3 73/udp Remote Job Service[10,RTB3]netrjs-4 74/tcp Remote Job Service[10,RTB3]netrjs-4 74/udp Remote Job Service[10,RTB3]priv-dial 75/tcp any private dial out service[JBP]priv-dial 75/udp any private dial out service[JBP]deos 76/tcp Distributed External Object Storedeos 76/udp Distributed External Object Storenetrjs 77/tcppriv-rje 77/tcp any private RJE service[JBP]priv-rje 77/udp any private RJE service[JBP]vettcp 78/tcp vettcp[CXL1]vettcp 78/udp vettcp[CXL1]finger 79/tcp Finger[52,KLH]finger 79/udp Finger[52,KLH]http 80/tcp www www-http World Wide Web HTTPhttp 80/udp www www-http World Wide Web HTTPwww 80/tcp World Wide Web HTTP [TXL]www 80/udp World Wide Web HTTP [TXL]hosts2-ns 81/tcp HOSTS2 Name Server[EAK1]hosts2-ns 81/udp HOSTS2 Name Server[EAK1]xfer 82/tcp XFER Utility[TXS2]xfer 82/udp XFER Utility[TXS2]mit-ml-dev 83/tcp MIT ML Device[DXR3]mit-ml-dev 83/udp MIT ML Device[DXR3]ctf 84/tcp Common Trace Facility[HXT]ctf 84/udp Common Trace Facility[HXT]mit-ml-dev 85/tcp MIT ML Device[DXR3]mit-ml-dev 85/udp MIT ML Device[DXR3]mfcobol 86/tcp Micro Focus Cobol[SXE]mfcobol 86/udp Micro Focus Cobol[SXE]priv-term-l 87/tcp any private terminal link[JBP]priv-term-l 87/udp any private terminal link[JBP]ttylink 87/tcpkerberos 88/tcp Kerberos[BCN]kerberos 88/udp Kerberos[BCN]su-mit-tg 89/tcp SU/MIT Telnet Gateway[MRC]su-mit-tg 89/udp SU/MIT Telnet Gateway[MRC]dnsix 90/tcp DNSIX Securit Attribute Token Map[CXW1]dnsix 90/udp DNSIX Securit Attribute Token Map[CXW1]mit-dov 91/tcp MIT Dover Spooler[EBM]mit-dov 91/udp MIT Dover Spooler[EBM]npp 92/tcp Network Printing Protocol[LXM]npp 92/udp Network Printing Protocol[LXM]dcp 93/tcp Device Control Protocol[DT15]dcp 93/udp Device Control Protocol[DT15]objcall 94/tcp Tivoli Object Dispatcher[TXB1]objcall 94/udp Tivoli Object Dispatcher[TXB1]supdup 95/tcp SUPDUP[27,MRC]supdup 95/udp SUPDUP[27,MRC]dixie 96/tcp DIXIE Protocol Specification[TXH1]dixie 96/udp DIXIE Protocol Specification[TXH1]swift-rvf 97/tcp Swift Remote Vitural File Protocol[MXR]swift-rvf 97/udp Swift Remote Vitural File Protocol[MXR]tacnews 98/tcp TAC News[ANM2]tacnews 98/udp TAC News[ANM2]metagram 99/tcp Metagram Relay[GEOF]metagram 99/udp Metagram Relay[GEOF]newacct 100/tcp[unauthorized use]hostname 101/tcp hostnames NIC Host Name Serverhostname 101/udp hostnames NIC Host Name Serveriso-tsap 102/tcp tsap ISO-TSAP Class 0iso-tsap 102/udp tsap ISO-TSAP Class 0gppitnp 103/tcp Genesis Point-to-Point Trans Net [PXM1]gppitnp 103/udp Genesis Point-to-Point Trans Net [PXM1]x400 103/tcp ISO Mailacr-nema 104/tcp ACR-NEMA Digital Imag.&Comm.300[PXM1]acr-nema 104/udp ACR-NEMA Digital Imag.&Comm.300[PXM1]x400-snd 104/tcp ISO Mailcsnet-ns 105/tcp Mailbox Name Nameserver[127,MS56]csnet-ns 105/udp Mailbox Name Nameserver[127,MS56]3com-tsmux 106/tcp 3COM-TSMUX[JXS5]3com-tsmux 106/udp 3COM-TSMUX[JXS5]rtelnet 107/tcp Remote Telnet Service[101,JBP]rtelnet 107/udp Remote Telnet Service[101,JBP]snagas 108/tcp SNA Gateway Access Server[KXM]snagas 108/udp SNA Gateway Access Server[KXM]pop2 109/tcp postoffice Post Office Protocol-Version 2pop2 109/udp postoffice Post Office Protocol-..www.zgxue.com防采集请勿采集本网。

Tivoli Tam http-header ??????????


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AZN_ENT_EXT_ATTR = azn_ent_ext_attr

TAM_CRED_ATTRS_SVC = azn_ent_cred_attrs 


cred-attribute-entitlement-services = TAM_CRED_ATTRS_SVC



person = azn_cred_registry_id


tagvalue_credattrs_lastname = sn

tagvalue_credattrs_commonname = cn

tagvalue_credattrs_email = mail

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???????junction /jctpoint ??http header?????mail?????????????????????????????????

object modify /WebSEAL/*****-instance1/jctpoint  set attribute HTTP-Tag-Value credattrs_mail=mail


首先安装was60。之后安装wpm,并且使用pdjrtecfg 和amwpmcfg进行配置安装前提:1.以Administrators组用户登录。2.启动registry server和policy server。(in normal mode).3.安装IBM Java Runtime 1.4.2 SR2 provided with Tivoli Access Manager is installed.For instructions,see page 322.a.执行命令windowsJDKibm-java-2-sdk-142.exeb.设定PATH环境变量:set PATH=install_dir;PATH%例如:set PATH=C:IBMJava142jrebin;PATH%c.设置JAVA_HOME:set JAVA_HOME=c:IBMJava142jred.Add the GSKit bin and lib directories to the PATH variable.For example:Install IBM Global Security Kit(GSKit),if not already installed.在windowsGSKit 路径下运行setup PolicyDirector命令set PATH=C:IBMgsk7bin;PATH%set PATH=C:IBMgsk7lib;PATH%7.Install IBM WebSphere Application Server Refresh Pack.For instructions,see page 337.8.Insert the IBM Tivoli Access Manager Base for Windows CD.9.Install the Tivoli Access Manager packages.To do so,run the setup.exe file located in the following directory:windowsPolicyDirectorDisk ImagesDisk1选择以下组件:v Access Manager Licensev Access Manager Runtime for Javav Access Manager Web Portal ManagerConfigure the Access Manager Runtime for Java component for use within the Java Runtime Environment installed with WebSphere.To do so,follow these steps:a.Stop the WebSphere Application Server and the IBM HTTP Serverd.Optional:You can use the IBM WebSphere setupCmdLine script to reset environment variables,including the location of the Java Runtime Environment,before configuring Access Manager Runtime for Java and Web Portal Manager.1)Run the which java command from the command line to show the default PATH settings being used.For example,the command shows that Java is currently being run from the/usr/bin/java directory.2)To update the PATH environment variable and reset the JAVA_HOME variable,edit the setupCmdLine.bat file and change the environment variable as needed.3)Enter:C:Program FilesIBM|WebSphereAppServerbinsetupCmdLine.bat Set the JAVA_HOME variable to the Java Runtime Environment that has been configured for Access Manager Runtime for Java.The JAVA_HOME variable should be set to the top directory.C:Program FilesIBMWebSphereAppServerjava(还执行了之前设path的操作)b.Change to the install_dirsbin directory(for example,C:Program FilesTivoliPolicy Directorsbin),and enter the following command:pdjrtecfg-action config-interactivec.Select the Full configuration type and click Next.For descriptions of the configuration options,click Help.e.Specify the Java Runtime Environment that was installed with IBM WebSphere Application Server.For example:C:Program FilesIBMWebSphereAppServerjavajre Click Next to continue.有的时候会有这样的错误:说明之前安装过一次,可以先unconfig:pdjrtecfg –action unconfig-java_home C:IBMJava142jref.Specify the policy server host name,port,and domain.Click OK to start configuration.g.When configuration has completed successfully,click OK to exit the configuration utility.For information about this utility,see“pdjrtecfg”on page 578.12.Configure the Access Manager Web Portal Manager package.To do so,follow these steps:a.Change to the install_dirsbin directory(for example,C:Program FilesTivoliPolicy Directorsbin),and enter the following command:amwpmcfg-action config-interactive Specify the necessary configuration parameters,such as IBM WebSphere Application Server installation path,the policy server host name and port number,and the Tivoli Access Manager administrator ID and password.set PATH=C:IBMWebSphereAppServerjavajrebin;PATH%set PATH=C:IBMWebSphereAppServerjavajrelib;PATH%启动application serveramwpmcfg –action config-interactiveMake sure that PD.properties is inc:ProgramFilesWebSphereAppServerjavajrePolicyDirector.b.When configuration has completed successfully,click OK to exit the configuration utility.13.Restart the IBM WebSphere Application Server and IBM HTTP Server. For example,select Start→Settings→Control Panel→Administrative Tools and then double-click the Services icon to restart these servers.Note:If you installed a registry server that does not use IBM HTTP Server and you are installing Web Portal Manager on the same system,ensure that the Web server ports are different.To change the IBM HTTP Server default port,edit the C:Program FilesIBMHTTPServerconfhttpd.conf file,change default port 80 to 8080 as shown,and then restart the IBM HTTP Server. # Port: The port the standalone listens to. Port 808014.To access the Web Portal Manager interface,enter the following address in your Web browser:http://hostname:port/pdadmin where hostname is the host name of the system and port where IBM WebSphere Application Server is running the IBM HTTP Server,and port is the port number being used,such as 80.For example:http://wpm14.example.com:80/pdadmin This step completes the setup of a Web Portal Manager system. To set up another访问路径:http://localhost:9080/pdadmin (端口不是80)内容来自www.zgxue.com请勿采集。

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