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如果要的是1937年版的就请发消息给我小公主 A Little Princess(1995)片长:97分钟演员 及所有工作人员1 Liesel Matthews.Sara Crewe2 Eleanor Bron.Miss Minchin3 Liam Cunningham.Capt.Crewe/Prince Rama4 Rusty Schwimmer.Amelia Minchin5 Arthur Malet.Charles Randolph6 Vanessa Lee Chester.Becky7 Errol Sitahal.Ram Dass8 Heather DeLoach.Ermengarde9 Taylor Fry.Lavinia10 Darcie Bradford.Jesse11 Rachael Bella.Betsy12 Alexandra Rea-Baum.Gertrude13 卡米拉·贝勒/Camilla Belle.Jane14 Lauren Blumenfeld.Rosemary15 Kelsey Mulrooney.Lottie16 Kaitlin Cullum.Ruth17 Alison Moir.Princess Sita18 Time Winters.Frances(milkman)19 Lomax Study.Monsieur Dufarge20 Vincent Schiavelli.Mr.Barrow21 Pushpa Rawal.Maya22 Rahi Azizi.Laki23 Ken Palmer.John Randolph24 Helen Greenberg.Flower lady25 Norman Merrill.Doctor in hospital26 Peggy Miley.Mabel(cook)27 Robert P.Cohen.Ermengarde's father28 Will Blomquist.Rich boy in street29 David Fresco.Beggar man in Fantasy Forest30 Judith Drake.Bakery woman31 Chris Ellis.Policeman32 Jonás Cuarón.Chimney-sweeper(uncredited)33 Sandeep Walia.Indian servant(uncredited)导演 director 1 阿方索·卡隆/Alfonso Cuarón.编剧 writer 1 Frances Hodgson Burnett.(novel)2 Richard LaGravenese.(screenplay)and3 Elizabeth Chandler.(screenplay)制片 producer 1 Alan C.Blomquist.executive producer2 Dalisa Amy Ephron.executive producer4 Mark Johnson.producer摄影 cinematographer 1 Emmanuel Lubezki.剪辑 editor 1 Steven Weisberg.星探 casting director 1 Jill Greenberg Sands.造型设计 production designer 1 Bo Welch.艺术指导 art director 1 Tom Duffield.布景设计 set decorator 1 Cheryl Carasik.服装设计 costume designer 1 Judianna Makovsky.make-up 1 Fríea Aradó stylist2 Bonnie stylist3 Julie artist4 Robert artist制片主管 production manager 1 Robert P.Cohen.unit production manager助理导演 assistant director 1 Stephen P.Dunn.assistant director2 David Fudge.second assistant director3 Bo Welch.second unit director艺术指导 art department 1 John Dexter.set designer2 Michael coordinator3 Lawrence A.Hubbs.set designer4 Andrew Petrotta.assistant property master5 Stephanie department coordinator声效 sound crew 1 José Antonio.sound2 Richard Beggs.sound designer3 Richard Beggs.sound re-recording mixer4 Marty Church.adr mixer5 Pud Cusack.boom operator6 Ann Ducommun.assistant sound editor7 Michael Herbick.sound re-recording mixer8 Tom Meadows.sound mixer9 Bob Newlan.supervising sound editor10 Ken S.Polk.sound re-recording mixer11 Roy Prendergast.supervising music editor12 Donald Sylvester.foley editor13 Hugo Weng.sound editor14 Danny van Spreuwel.sound re-recording mixer:Dutch version特效 special effects 1 Matt Farell.technical director2 Alan E.Lorimer.special effects特技表演 stunt performer 1 Kathy Brock.stunt performer2 Charles Croughwell.stunt coordinator3 Joe Finnegan.stunt performer4 Svetla Krasteva.stunt performer5 Lee Poppie.stunt performer6 Scott Sproule.stunt performer作曲 composer 1 Patrick Doyle.简 介上尉克鲁奉命前往南非作战,小女儿莎拉因为没有母亲,只好被寄养在一所贵族学校,校长得知她出身贵族,以贵族了女招待。时间一天天过去,前线不时传来阵亡名单。有一天,克鲁上尉的名字出现在报纸的失踪名单上,因此无法再缴昂贵的学费,学校把小莎拉赶出原来的房间,莎拉含着泪水做起小佣人。但他坚信父亲不会离她而去,天天抽空跑去医院找父亲,她的那份真情感动了英国女皇,也感动了老天,奇迹终于出现了…影评&幕后《小公主》是世界著名儿童文学作家 F·H·伯内特夫人的经典名作,多次被改拍成电影,由秀兰·邓波儿主演,在我们的童年记忆里,应该都有这部电影精彩对白[the amnesiac Capt Crewe comes across Sara crying in a corner of a darkened room]Capt.Crewe:What is it?Why are you crying?Please tell me.I won't hurt you.Won't you tell me your name?Sara Crewe:[sobbing]Sara.Capt.Crewe:'Sara'.that's such a pretty name.Sara Crewe:[there is a flash of lightening,and the lights suddenly come back on]Papa.?Capt.Crewe:What did you say?[she runs to him,and he tries to hold her away]Capt.Crewe:I'm sorry.Sara Crewe:Papa,it's me!It's Sara!Capt.Crewe:Do you know me?Sara Crewe:Papa,don't you remember me?Papa,please!You've got to know me!It's Sara,remember?Remember India and Maya?Remember the Ramayana.and Emily?And the locket with Mama's picture?Capt.Crewe:[still struggling to push her away]No.Sara Crewe:Papa,please!Charles Randolph:[Mr Randolph arrives with Miss Minchin and the police]Do you know this man?Sara Crewe:Papa,tell them!Miss Minchin:[recognizes Captain Crewe]This child has no father.Take her away!Sara Crewe:[a police man tears Sara away and carries her,kicking and screaming,from the room]No!No!Papa!Capt.Crewe:I'm so sorry.2.[the girls have woken up to find the attic beautifully redecorated and a breakfast of sausages,muffins and fruit awaiting them]Sara Crewe:Look!Just what we ordered!Becky:I'm a little scared about all of this.Sara Crewe:Me too.Do you think we shouldn't eat it?Becky:I'm not that scared!3.Sara Crewe:Don't cry,Becky.Becky:I'm scared.If Michin throws me out,I got no place to goSara Crewe:That's not true.I'm here with you.I've always thought of us as sisters.Becky:You have?Sara Crewe:Let's make a promise right now:to always look out for each other.Becky:It's a promise.4.[Randolph and his servant are at a military hospital,where Randolph has discovered that the amnesiac soldier there is not his son John]Charles Randolph:All the must think me a fool.Ram Dass:Is it your wish to be wise,sahib?Charles Randolph:I don't know.I suppose a wise man wouldn't have come here at all.Ram Dass:But if he had,he would have looked closely upon the soldier's face.Charles Randolph:And what would he have seen?Ram Dass:Pain,sahib.He needs to be cared for.Charles Randolph:He's not my responsiblity.Ram Dass:A wise man would remember that this soldier was in John's regiment.If his memory returns.he might tell sahib what happened to his son.Perhaps sahib would learn that John is in British hospital now wishing a kind man would take him home.away from his pain.5.[Sara just met her new doll,Emily]Capt.Crewe:You know,dolls make the very best friends.Just because they can't speak doesn't mean they don't listen.And did you know that when we leave them alone in our room,they come to life?Sara Crewe:They do?Capt.Crewe:Yes!But before we walk in and catch them,they return to their place as quick as lightning!Sara Crewe:Why don't they come to life in front of us so we can see them?Capt.Crewe:Because it's magic.Magic has to be believed.It's the only way it's real.6.Miss Minchin:Sara,this is Monsieur Dufarge.You will begin French lessons with him this afternoon.Sara Crewe:Do I have to?Miss Minchin:Sara!You most certainly do!Now apologize to Monsieur this instant for your rudeness!Sara Crewe:But I didn't mean to be rude.Miss Minchin:[shouts]Now![Sara says three sentences entirely in French.Monsieur Dufarge looks at her through his monicle impressed]Monsieur Dufarge:This child doesn't need to learn French,she practically*is*French!Says she learned it from her father.Miss Minchin:I understood perfectly well what she said,Monsieur.Sara Crewe:I'm sorry,but we tried to tell you.Monsieur Dufarge:Well,perhaps she can tutor the younger children,and she might just be able to help you with your pronunciation,Miss Minchin.7.[at Sara's birthday party,Sara blows out the candles on her cake]Lottie:[happily jumping up and down]I want a big piece!Lavinia:[sarcastically]Oh hush up,Lottie!I'm sure Princess Sara will give everyone a fair share.Right,Princess?Lottie:[to Sara]I told her that's what you were.Sara Crewe:Well,not just me,all girls are princesses.Even snotty,two-face bullies like you,Lavinia!8.Becky:Sara.why don't you tell your stories anymore?Sara Crewe:They're just make-believe.They don't mean anything.Becky:Oh,but they've always meant something to me.There were days I thought I would die,until I heard you talk about the ..www.zgxue.com防采集请勿采集本网。

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8.飙风战警 Wild Wild West(1999).Capt.James West 9.重返荣耀 The Legend of Bagger Vance(2000).Bagger Vance 10.美利坚向英雄致敬 America:A Tribute to Heroes(2001).Himself 11.拳王阿里 Ali(2001).

实时字幕(Live Caption)功能,是谷歌发布 Android 10 时为 Pixel 智能机引入的两项辅助功能之一。

who constitute one-fourth.The majority of the state's residents live on Oahu.The original Hawaiians were of Polynesian origin and came from the Marquesas Islands с AD 400.Capt.James Cook

简而言之,它会实时转录视频以显示字幕,对各款 App 的兼容性都很不错。除了听障人士,普通人也可在嘈杂或非常私人的环境中使用。

是啊,我也是重看时才发现的 演员叫Elliott Gould

当然,人们不会只在手机上观看视频。为了造福通过 PC 浏览器观看线上视频的更多用户,谷歌或很快为 Chrome 浏览器引入这项特性。

歌曲名:Some Things Never Change 歌手:Mark Lowry 专辑:Mark Lowry Goes To Hollywood Some Things Never Change Tim McGraw After all this time I still miss you everday Editor,Capt.mist

Chrome Unboxed 发现了 Chromium 上的源码修改,表明 Google 开发人员正在努力将该功能引入浏览器(或者至少是 Chrome OS 平台)。

George Luz:[Imitating Capt.Sobel]Are those dusty jump wings?How do you expect to slay the Huns with dust on your jump wings?George Luz:[imitating Gen.Maxwell Taylor]Now the thing to remember


参演电影 1.贝莱尔的新鲜王子"The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"(1990).William 'Will' Smith 2.六度分离 Six Degrees of Separation(1993).Paul 3.美国制造 Made in America(1993).Tea Cake Walters,Zora's Boyfriend 4.绝地战警 Bad Boys(1995).Det.Mike Lowrey 5 独立日/天煞地球反击战/ID4星际终结者 Independence Day(1996).Jeff Goldblum/Bill Pullman 6.黑超特警组(黑衣人)Men in Black(1997).James Edwards/Agent J(Jay)/"Slick"7.国家公敌 Enemy of the State(1998).Robert Clayton Dean 8.飙风战警 Wild Wild West(1999).Capt.James West 9.重返荣耀 The Legend of Bagger Vance(2000).Bagger Vance 10.美利坚向英雄致敬 America:A Tribute to Heroes(2001).Himself 11.拳王阿里 Ali(2001).Cassius Clay/Cassius X/Muhammad Ali 12.黑超特警组2(黑衣人2)Men in Black 2(2002).Agent Jay 13.绝地战警2 Bad Boys 2(2003).Detective Mike Lowrey 14.电影剪接的魔力 The Cutting Edge:The Magic of Movie Editing(2004).Himself(archive footage)15.鲨鱼故事 Shark Tale(2004).Oscar(voice)16.泽西女孩 Jersey Girl(2004).Himself(uncredited)17.我,机器人/机械公敌/智能叛变 I,Robot(2004).Del Spooner 18.Live 8(2005).Himself-Philadelphia 19.There's a God on the Mic(2005).Himself 20.全民情敌 Hitch(2005).Alex 'Hitch' Hitchens 21.Super Bowl XXXIX(2005).Himself 22.The 31st Annual People's Choice Awards(2005).Himself 23."I Love the '90s:Part Deux"(2005).(archive footage)24.当幸福来敲门 The Pursuit of Happiness(2006).Chris Gardner 25.我是传奇 I Am Legend(2007).Neville 26.同房两家亲 Time Share(2008)27.全民超人汉考克 Hancock(2008)28.七磅 Seven Pounds(2008)29.我眼中的爱 What I Know About Love(未定)30.海底两万里:尼摩船长20000 Leagues Under the Sea:Captain Nemo求采纳内容来自www.zgxue.com请勿采集。

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